About UKAL

UKAL – By Artists, For Artists.

UK Assets London is a company that’s making waves in the art industry. Founded by artists, for artists, this innovative company is dedicated to helping artists turn their artwork and intellectual property (IP) into valuable assets. By working with UK Assets London, artists can expand their reach and monetize their creations in new and exciting ways.

How Does UK Assets London Work?

At its core, UK Assets London is a merchandise and licensing company. It works with artists to create unique and high-quality merchandise that’s based on their artwork and IP. This includes everything from t-shirts and posters to phone cases and home decor.

UK Assets London handles everything from design and production to marketing and sales. This means that artists can focus on what they do best – creating amazing artwork – while UK Assets London takes care of the rest.

The Benefits of Working with UK Assets London

For artists, working with UK Assets London has many benefits. First and foremost, it provides a new and exciting way to monetize their artwork. By turning their creations into merchandise, artists can reach a wider audience and earn revenue from their work in a new way.

In addition to monetization, working with UK Assets London can also help artists expand their reach. By having their artwork on merchandise that’s sold online and in retail stores, artists can increase their exposure and attract new fans and customers.

UK Assets London also provides artists with a team of experts who can help them navigate the complicated world of licensing and IP protection. This means that artists can rest assured that their creations are being used and marketed in the right way, and that their IP is being protected.


The Future

As the art industry continues to evolve, UK Assets London is well-positioned to grow and succeed. By working alongside artists and providing them with new and exciting ways to monetize and expand their reach, UK Assets London is helping to create a more sustainable and vibrant art ecosystem.

Whether you’re an artist looking to monetize your artwork, or a fan looking for unique and high-quality merchandise, UK Assets London is a company that’s worth keeping an eye on. With its innovative approach and dedication to supporting artists, it’s sure to continue making a splash in the art world for years to come.

A Positive Force For Artists


We want you, the artist, to focus on the art. Let your creativity flow. Our job is the “business”, and we’ll keep you posted every step of the way.


The core team behind UKAL has decades worth of experience in the arts industry, and merchandise industry.

Happy Customers

Our aim to to encourage growth through quality products and look after our represented clients and buyers alike.